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Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum and Carriage House, a New York historic estate located in the Bronx

Pell Family Burial Plot

The plot is surrounded by low iron railings connecting four corner granite posts engraved with the Pell family coat of arms, the pelican. It was erected in 1891 by descendants of Benjamin Pell, grandson of Thomas Pell, Lord of the Manor according to the inscription on one of the posts.

The largest marker is a memorial to the Pells erected in 1862 by James K. Pell and is inscribed with these words:

"This stone is placed here in token of respect for the memory of and to mark the place where lie buried the mortal remains of several of the descendants of John Pell, who was born in the year 1643 and died in the year 1700, the son of the Rev. John Pell, D.D. of Essex, in England, and the nephew of Thomas Pell, the first proprietor of the Lordship and Manor of Pelham, born in the year 1603 and died in the year 1669."

The north post reads: "Indian grant of Pelham Manor to Thomas Pell, Nov. 14, 1654"

The west post reads: "Royal Patent Oct. 6, 1666, Duke of York to Thomas Pell, First Lord of the Manor"

The south post reads: "Royal Patent, Oct. 25, 1687, James II, to John Pell, Second Lord of the Manor, First Judge, 1688, and First Member of the Provincial Assembly, 1691, of Westchester County."

The east post reads: "Pelham Bay Park, 1884. Erected 1891 by descendants of Benjamin Pell, grandson of Thomas Pell, Lord of the Manor."

The Pell and Robert Bartow Family Relationships

Joseph Pell (1722-1752). Joseph was the oldest brother of Robert Bartow's great-grandmother Bathsheba Pell Bartow.

Sussannah Pell Drake (1741-1763). Sussannah was a daughter of Joseph and Phoebe Pell. Her brother, Thomas Pell, married Margaret Bartow, Robert Bartow's great-aunt. In 1790, 200 acres of the Pell estate property were conveyed to John Bartow, Robert Bartow's grandfather, by his brother-in-law Thomas Pell.

Four headstones within the plot date between 1748 and 1790 mark the graves of Pell family members who were buried on the property when the site was occupied by the Pell manor house. In chronological order according to date of death, the inscriptions of Isek Pell, Joseph Pell, Sussannah Drake, and Phoebe Pell read:

Isec Pell headstone Isec Pell

"Her lyes Isec Pell, D. Dec. 14, anno 1748"

Joseph Pell headstone Joseph Pell

"Is her the body of Joseph Pell, eged 31, D. 1752"
Joseph Pell, 4th Lord of the Manor, was the son of Anna and Thomas Pell II and was married to Phoebe Pell.

Sussannah Pell Drake headstone Sussannah Pell Drake

"In Memory of Sussannah, wife of Benjn. Drake, who died March 4th 1763; Aged 22 years."
Sussannah was a daughter of Joseph and Phoebe Pell. She married Benjamin Drake on December 29, 1759. After her death he married three more times.

Phoebe Pell headstone Phoebe Pell

"In Memory of Phoebe Pell, the widow of Joseph Pell. She departed this life on the 22d day of March, 1790, in the 70th year of her age."
Phoebe Pell was married to Joseph Pell, who died in 1752. On November 18, 1762, she married James Bennett.

The following two stones are currently stored inside the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum. The inscriptions on these stones read:

Here lyes the body of Saloma Pell, born Jan. ye 13th, 1759, and departed this life Octr. ye 10th, 1760. Aged 1 year, 8 months & 27 days.

In Memory of John, son of James and Phoebe Bennett, who died Augt. 6, 1765, aged 2 months.

John Bennett was a son of James and Phoebe Pell Bennett (Joseph Pell's widow).

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